Metal fabrication by Superior Stainless has a reputation for our expertise in the manufacture of sheet metal products. We have the equipment, technology and the trade experience to fabricate and create designed metal products from:

– Stainless steel
– Carbon steels
– Zinc plated steels
– Aluminium
– Copper
– Brass

Our highly experienced team are specialists in all types of metal fabrication. Our diverse range of services means you can get all your metal fabrication needs from one place, from simple brackets to heavy-duty structural steel and complete staircases.

Metal Fabrication


Superior Stainless provides the following professional and quality assured services:

  • Aluminium Fabrication
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Custom Fabrication Work
  • Copper & Brass Fabrication

Our core customer base is located in South-East Queensland. We also service clients Australia wide.

We specialise in working within the residential and commercial sectors and pride ourselves on delivering top quality workmanship on every project whether it be big or small, simple or complex. We have the ability to produce almost anything from steel, stainless steel, or aluminium with the only limitations being your imagination.


Metal can be fabricated and moulded into a variety of products using

Cutting. Perhaps the most commonly used metal fabrication processes involve, where sheets of metal are split into halves, thirds or smaller sections.

Folding. One of the more complicated processes of metal fabrication involves folding, where a metal surface is manipulated to shape at a certain angle.

Welding. Along with cutting, welding is one of the most popular metal fabrication processes.

Machining. When a machine is used to remove portions from a piece of metal, the process is known as machining. Typically, the process is performed on a lathe, which will rotate the metal against tools that trim corners and edges to cut the piece down to a desired shape or measurement. In other machining applications, a hole or set of holes will be formed directly through the metal surface.

Punching. When holes are formed in a piece of metal, the process involved consists of punching, where metal is placed under a die and submitted to a punch-through by a drill.

Shearing. For sheets of metal that require long cuts, the process is known as shearing.

Stamping. Punching is not the only metal fabrication process to utilize a die.

Casting. One of the oldest types of metal fabrication involves casting, where molten metal is poured into a mold and is left to solidify into a specific form.


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